National Context

UNDP claims that 50% of India's population will be living in urban areas by 2025. Rapid urbanization is dramatically re-shaping India, and creating new patterns of economic opportunity and vulnerability across the country. From being primarily an agrarian economy, India is rapidly transforming into being a manufacturing and services based economy, engaging a large percentage of the urban poor in non-wage and informal employment.

The socio-economic challenges faced by the urban poor, combined with the uncertain nature of their informal employment, make them vulnerable to risks that need specific and customized interventions.

History of UMA in Punjab's context

UMA's work began in Ludhiana, the industrial heart of Punjab. Since the 1990s, Ludhiana has attracted significant investment, leading to a explosive growth in industry and an exponential increase in migration into the city. However, while the rural poor in Punjab are a powerful voting bloc, their urban counterparts have yet to achieve political incorporation and power. Ludhiana's urban migrants suffer from chronic political neglect, leading to negligible access to critical social and financial services. As a result, poor migrants must rely on informal providers of health and financial services, and face sharply higher costs for both. This situation is further aggravated by the virtual absence of non-governmental organisations focusing on Punjab's urban poor.


UMA's board consists of dynamic individuals who are well established in their respective work fields. They work hands on with the management to advise and guide the growth of the organization. They are actively involved in advising on operational strategy as well as the mission and vision of the organisation.

Core Team

UMA's is an all women team. Working on the fundamental of a membership based organization, UMA has built the capacity of its members to take on leadership roles and managerial positions with the organization. The core team below started work with UMA as members or community mobilizers and have grown with the organization to become an integral part of the management and decision making process.


For any collaborations or enquiries, please get in touch with:

Gauri Singh, Founder
+91 161 4646 443

Job Opportunities/ Internships

UMA presents a number of exciting opportunities to professionals who seek to work in a challenging work environment that combines the application & rigor of the mainstream with the challenges & chaos of the unorganized sector. We also invite applications from graduate & management students for internships on short & medium term projects. The interns would get an opportunity to work on the design and execution of cutting edge solutions for the urban poor.

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